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A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to photograph Amber & Kevin’s maternity photos in their beautiful home (which also had the perfect back yard). We only shot for about an hour but ended up getting lots of shots that I’m super stoked about. Take a peep!



Well, it turns out I’m not too good at keeping up with this whole blogging thing.

Here’s a handful of shots from a Quinceañera I photographed a couple months ago. This party had everything from a beautiful venue, horse and carriage, perfect weather, an amazing cake, and guests that really knew how to dance!



I was never a fan of the cold, and so far this winter has been brutal. So to make myself feel better, I have been editing some random photos from last fall. Some have been posted before, either to my instagram or facebook, and some haven’t. A good amount of these photos were taken in Massachusetts exploring new places I’ve never been to, some of which I found just driving around aimlessly.


IMG_7286IMG_7283campbell finalIMG_0116IMG_7296IMG_7289IMG_7308IMG_7322IMG_0141treeIMG_0064IMG_0043IMG_0053IMG_0204leafIMG_0191waterfallIMG_0083IMG_0091mountains

One of my goals this year was to create a blog so I can share all of my shoots in more detail. Hopefully by doing this, you will get a better feel for my work and what kind of photos are produced from each one of my shoots.

Another one of my goals this year is to shoot more for myself. Lately, I have been feeling very unmotivated and lazy when it comes to getting outside and shooting like I used to. I’m hoping that by creating this blog, it will encourage me to get out and shoot more – not to try and take the best photo I can, but just to shoot more for fun, even if it’s just taking a few simple snapshots.

Well, creating a blog took a lot longer than I thought, and I ended up having to completely re-design my website. Now that it’s pretty much finished, here is my first post. Me and Kara braved the cold and did some exploring on New Years Day, and this was the result.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and happy (late) new year!



  • Dona Ostman Wassell - Great pictures! Loved them all!ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Krause - Breath Taking Beauty!ReplyCancel

  • Bud Wassell - Love the new photos Jack, such contrasts! Also love your new blog and redesigned site, very well done. Keep the blog posts and photos coming!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Irma - The site looks awesome! I love the idea of a blog! I can’t wait for more posts! :)ReplyCancel